WlLDMAN of South America. Etymology: Spanish, "savage." Variant names: Achi (Tamanac/Carib), Con-erre, Paudacota yege.

Physical description: Height, 3 feet—5 feet 6 inches. Weight, 80-100 pounds. Reddish-colored body-hair. Large lips. Heels said to face forward.

Behavior: Can stand on its hind legs. Has a distinctive cry like a human's but no language. Strong odor. Eats fishes, meat, fruits, and roots. Said to kidnap and interbreed with women.

Habitat: Lives in the mountains, visits the rivers for food.

Distribution: Río Orinoco and Ventuari, Venezuela; western Arauca Department,

Colombia. The name is also used in Chiapas State, Mexico.

Possible explanation: The Yanoáma, a large group of Amazonian Indians that remained relatively untouched by modern civilization until the 1970s. They are noted for their aggressiveness and are known to abduct travelers and women of other tribes.

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