Fanciful DINOSAUR of Australasia.

Etymology: From the hiss it makes, "roooow."

pP'hysicaldescription: Length, 30-40 feet. Light brown-yellow in color. Small head with a bony collar like a ceratopsian dinosaur's. No horns. Beak like a snapping turtle's. Extended neck and tail like a diplodocid dinosaur's. Large, bony plates on its back like a stegosaurian dinosaur's but in a single row. A single defensive spike at the end of its tail.

Behavior: Can rear up on its hind legs. Hisses angrily.

ROW 465

Habitat: Marshy area on top of a plateau. Distribution: Merauke Subdistrict of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Significant sighting: On his honeymoon in the 1930s, Charles Miller discovered a still unknown tribe of head-hunting cannibals called the Kirrirri, who used an odd animal "tusk" as an implement. The Kirrirri took him to a remote spot to show him the animal it came from, which turned out to be a dinosaur. The tusk was the spike from a Row's tail.

Possible explanation: Most likely a hoax. The Row is made up of components of very different dinosaur groups. Much of Miller's travelogue is unlikely, such as his participation in a cannibal feast and a head-hunting raid.

Sources: Charles Miller, Cannibal Caravan (New York: Lee Furman, 1939), pp. 178-187; Leona Miller, Cannibals and Orchids (New York: Sheridan House, 1941), p. 241.

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