Freshwater Monster of Norway. Etymology: After Lake Romsjoen. PP'hysical description: Body is thick as a log. Grayish-black. Head like a calfs. Protruding ears. Two to five humps, about 5 feet apart. Finlike tail.

Behavior: Swims with a serpentine motion. Occasionally seen on land.

Distribution: Romsjoen, 0stfold County, Norway.

Significant sightings: In 1929, Astrid Myrvold watched a large, black animal move from the shore through some vegetation into the lake. It had protruding ears and a finlike tail, and it left a large wake behind it.

On September 20, 1976, school bus driver As-bjorn Holmedal and fifteen children saw an animal about 23-33 feet long splashing water in the lake between the mainland and Bjornoya Island.

Sources: Elizabeth Skjelsvik, "Norwegian Lake and Sea Monsters," Norveg 7 (1960): 29-48; Peter Costello, In Search ofLake Monsters (New York: Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, 1974), p. 195; Espen Samuelsen, "In Search of the Norwegian Nessie," Fortean Times, no. 154 (February 2002): 42-44; Jan-Ove Sundberg and Espen Samuelsen, The Sea Serpent of Lake Romsjoen, http://www. html.

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