Red Jamaican Parrot

Unknown BIRD of the West Indies.

pP'hysical description: Length, 9 inches. Primarily red plumage. Yellow feathers streaked with fine lines of red on the inside of wings and the underside of tail.

Distribution: Jamaica.

Significant sighting: In July 1764, English bird artist George Edwards painted a watercolor of a red parrot owned by Alexander Russell. It had been shot in Jamaica some time earlier and preserved.


Present status: Probably extinct. The bird was said to have been unknown to Jamaicans even when it was collected. It resembles no other living parrot.

Possible explanation: An erythristic (red) variant of a West Indian amazon parrot (Amazona sp.).

Source: Karl Shuker, Mysteries ofPlanet Earth (London: Carlton, 1999), pp. 66-67.

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