Rainbow Tiger

Mystery Cat of South America.

Variant name: Tshenkutshen (Shuar/ Jivaroan).

Physical description: Size of a jaguar. Black, or whitish with black spots. Multicolored stripes (black, white, red, yellow) on the chest. Humped back. Muscular legs. Monkeylike forepaws. Large claws.

Distribution: Sangay National Park and Sierra Cutucu, Ecuador.

Significant sighting: In 1959, Policarpio Ri-vadeneira killed one of these cats on Cerro Kil-amo, Ecuador, after he saw it leaping from tree to tree.

Behavior: Agile tree climber. Source: Angel Morant For├ęs, "An Investigation into Some Unidentified Ecuadorian Mammals," October 1999, http:// perso.wanadoo.fr/cryptozoo/expeditions/ ecuador_eng.htm.

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