Hispid hare. Caprolagus hispidus. Bristle-haired rabbit, thought extinct but found to exist in 1966 in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam States, India.

Riverine rabbit. Bunolagus monticularis. Long-eared, harelike rabbit found in riverine scrub habitats in the Karoo Desert of South Africa. Discovered in 1902 but only seen sporadically since. A 1989 survey showed that it survived only in dense, discontinuous vegetation about 33 square miles in extent.

Vietnamese striped rabbit. Nesolagus timminsi. Three freshly hunted specimens were found by Rob Timmins in a Laotian meat market in 1995 and described in 2000. At home in the Annam Highlands of Laos and Vietnam, this rabbit has distinct brown stripes running down its face and back, a reddish rump, and short ears.

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