Wildman or Hairy Biped of Great Britain.

Variant names: Ghost Ape of Marwood, Mar-tyn's ape.

Physical description: Apelike or bearlike entity. Covered with hair.

Behavior: Runs quickly. Distribution: Devon and Dorset, England; West Lothian, Scotland.

Significant sightings: In 1978, three boys ex ploring the woods near Kings Nympton, Devon, saw an apelike or bearlike creature with green eyes and a large muzzle.

David Colman was driving down a country lane in the Bathgate Hills, West Lothian, Scotland, when he saw a humanoid running down a path at great speed. It was 6 feet tall, with a humanlike face. Dubbed "Quickfoot" by the press.

Possible explanations:

(1) Paranormal entity similar to the Hairy

Bipeds of North America.

(2) Exaggerated tales of feral people.

(3) Ghostly apparations, possibly of bears.

Sources: Jonathan Downes, "Born to Be

Wild," Fortean Times, no. 84 (December 1995-January 1996): 55; "Quickfoot Sighted in Scotland Forest," Fortean Times, no. 86 (May 1996): 17.

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