Black Dog or Water Horse of Ireland.

Etymology: From the Irish püca, "ghost" or "fairy."

Variant names: Bauchan, Bocan (Gaelic), Bogan, Bucca (Cornish), Bucca-boo, Buggane (Manx), Bwbach (Welsh), Bwca (Welsh), Bwgan (Welsh), Phooca, Phouka, Puca, Puck (English), Pwca (Welsh).

Physical description: Like a black dog, horse, or calf. Can also appear in human form. Eyes like blazing coals.

Behavior: Usually malevolent and demonic but sometimes benevolent. Active at dusk. Spoils blackberries. Has supernatural powers.

Habitat: Swamps, bogs, lakes.

Distribution: Ireland; also Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man.

Significant sightings: A Pooka was said to inhabit a lagoon called the Poulapuca (Pooka's Pool) in County Wicklow, Ireland, before the valley was flooded to create a reservoir for Dublin.

A black dog trotted alongside a young man as he was cycling home near Ballygar, County Gal-way, Ireland, one night in 1913. The animal kept looking at him in a way that made him uneasy. He later found that other people avoided that stretch of road because of the dog, which had a disconcerting way of vanishing into thin air.

Possible explanation: A folk memory of the mythical Celtic spirit horse that carried dead heroes to paradise.


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