Pitt Lake Giant

True Giant of western North America.

Etymology: After the lake where one of the sightings took place.

Physical description: Height, 10-15 feet. Covered in hair that is longer on the head, thinner on the arms. Square-set shoulders. Arms hang below the knees. Hands are the size and shape of canoe paddles.

Tracks: Flat impression. Four-toed. Size, 24 inches long by 12 inches wide. Leaves a pink tint in the snow.

Distribution: Pitt Lake in southwestern British Columbia; Big Horn Dam area and Cold Lake, Alberta; Snoqualmie, Washington; Astoria, Oregon; Great Falls, Montana.

Significant sightings: In late June 1965, Ron and Loren Welch found a set of tracks of gigantic proportions in the snow northwest of Pitt Lake. They followed them to a small, ice-bound lake, where they saw a large creature watching them. One of the men drew a sketch of the animal and the tracks. The creature remained immobile, so they moved on. Later in the day, they returned, but it was gone.

Sources: John Green, Year of the Sasquatch (Agassiz, B.C., Canada: Cheam, 1970), pp. 29-31, 66-70; Peter Byrne, In Search of Bigfoot (New York: Pocket Books, 1976), pp. 60-66; Mark A. Hall, "True Giants (or, Gigantopithecus Is Alive and Taller than You Think)" Wonders 1, no. 2 (June 1992): 11-23; Mark A. Hall, "Encounters with True Giants, 1829-1994," Wonders 4, no. 3 (September 1995): 63-79.

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