Peel Street Monster

Mystery RoDENT-like animal of central England.

Physical description: Like a rat but much larger.

Behavior: Aggressive. Attacks and bites children.

Distribution: Peel Street and Brickkiln Street, Wolverhampton, England.

Significant sighting: During the winter of 1933-1934, several children were attacked by a bizarre creature in Wolverhampton. It was put out of commission with a brick wielded by seventeen-year-old Georgie Goodhead on January 18, 1934, as it was about to attack a five-year-old child. Locals stood around and kicked it until it was dead. Naturalists who were called in to examine it allegedly could not identify it, other than to say it was male. The following day, a female coati was found dead in the area,


although it was later said to have been discarded by a traveling circus.

Possible explanation: The South American coati (Nasua nasua), a relative of the raccoon that grows to nearly 4 feet from head to tail, is not known to be aggressive.

Sources: Karl Shuker, "Making Monsters . . . ," Fortean Times, no. 134 (June 2000): 47; The Peel Street Monster Hunt, http://www. 49/1934.html.

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