Pale Slow Loris

Mystery PRIMATE of Southeast Asia.

Physical description: Larger and paler in color than a slow loris.

Distribution: Vietnam.

Significant sightings: Douglas Richardson, assistant curator of mammals at the London Zoo, saw a peculiar specimen of primate exhibited in the animal market at Hanoi, Vietnam, in December 1994. It looked like a slow loris but was larger and a pale cream color.

Possible explanation: The Slow loris (Nyctice-bus coucang) is a stump-tailed prosimian 12—16 inches in length that ranges from northeastern India and Myanmar to Indochina and Indonesia. It has a distinctive brown stripe down its back and brown circles around its owl-like eyes. Its head and shoulders are silvery-white, creamy, or gray; the flanks and rump are rusty, buff, or ash-gray.

Sources: Douglas Richardson, "World-Wide Work," Lifewatch, Spring 1995, p. 10; Karl Shuker, From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings (St. Paul, Minn.: Llewellyn, 1997), p. 16.

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