Oil Pit Squid

Mystery Cephalopod of Indiana.

Physical description: Squidlike. Length, 6-8 inches. Diameter, 1 inch. Grayish-red color. Tentacles.

Habitat: Oil-emulsion pits containing antifreeze, stripper, oil, and chemicals used in manufacturing plastic automobile bumpers. Distribution: Anderson, indiana. Significant sighting: On November 15, 1996, workers cleaning out a sludge pit at the GMC Delphi Interior and Lighting plant in Anderson, Indiana, found many squidlike animals swimming in the toxic liquid. One of the animals was caught and preserved in a jar, though it disappeared in December before officials could send it away for testing. No further specimens were found when the pit was inspected and cleaned on March 7 and 12, 1997.

Possible explanations: Speculation ranged from mutated earthworms to bizarre bacterial growth.

Sources: Ken de la Bastide, "Creature in Plant 9 Pits," Anderson (Lnd) Herald Bulletin, March 5, 1997, p. 1; Tim Swartz, "Mystery of the Oil Pit Squids," Strange Magazine, no. 18 (Summer 1997): 28-30.

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