Dinosaur-like animal of Central Africa, similar to the Emela-Ntouka.

Etymology: Unknown. Nsanga is the Bemba (Bantu) name for the Tiger fish (Hydrocynus vit-tatus) in Zambia.

Physical description: Crocodile-like. Smooth skin. Feet have hooked claws.

Behavior: Amphibious. Feeds on hippos. Tracks: Never seen, according to locals. Distribution: Bangweulu Swamp, Zambia. Significant sighting: Paul Graetz came across some strips of this animal's skin on Mbawala Island in 1909.

Possible explanations:

(1) An unknown species of monitor lizard, suggested by Bernard Heuvelmans.

(2) Amphibious saber-toothed cat similar to other African Water Lions, proposed later by Heuvelmans.

(3) Surviving ceratopsian dinosaur. Sources: Hans Schomburgk, Wild und Wilde im Herzen Afrika (Berlin: E. Fleischel, 1910), pp. 219-220; Paul Graetz, Im Motorboot quer durch Afrika (Berlin: Braunbeck und Gutenberg, 1912-1913), vol. 1, p. 135; Bernard Heuvelmans, On the Track of Unknown Animals (New York: Hill and Wang,


1958), pp. 450, 469-470, 475-476; Bernard Heuvelmans, Les derniers dragons d'Afrique (Paris: Plon, 1978), pp. 194, 200, 290, 384, 395.

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