Giant Hominid of East Africa. Etymology: Unknown.


Variant names: Loldaika, Milhoi (from the Swahili/Bantu milihoi, "evil spirit").

Physical description: Height, 8 feet. Covered in thick, gray hair. Dark skin. Receding forehead. Face is hairless. Huge ears like an elephant's. Prominent nose. Small mouth. Big teeth. Long head-hair. individual hairs on upper torso are about 3 feet long. only a thumb and one finger on the hand. Thumb has a claw 2.5 inches long. one prehensile big toe and three small toes.

Behavior: Bipedal. Bad odor. Eats honey. Drinks blood and buffalo milk.

Tracks: Stride, from 18 inches while walking to 8 feet while running. Tracks on Mount Kilimanjaro are said to be three-toed.

Habitat: Forests and mangrove swamps. Distribution: Kenya, near the coast from Mombasa to the Tana River; Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya; Lake Baringo, Kenya; possibly the Yaida Valley, Tanzania.

Significant sighting: in the nineteenth century, Heri Wa Mabruko claimed to have seen an

8-foot, apelike creature that had been shot with a bow and arrow by an Mboni tribesman near Witu, Kenya.

Sources: [J. A. G. Elliot], "The Ngoloko: A Mystery of the African Bush," Blackwood's Magazine 202 (1917): 609-617, reprinted in L. A. Bethell, ed., Tales of Africa and Other Stories (Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1933), pp.

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