Unknown Primate of Central Africa. Etymology: Nyong (Adamawa) word. Variant names: Engwem (Eton/Bantu), Inend (Tunen/Bantu), Kweyi (Yambeta/Bantu).

Physical description: Larger than a gorilla. Carries some kind of spike in its right hand. Its left arm is said to be atrophied.

Behavior: Arboreal but also travels on the ground. Has a piercing cry.

Distribution: Western Cameroon. PP'ossible explanation: Confused accounts of Gorillas (Gorillagorilla) from farther south.

Source: R. P. Galopeau, "Un animal fabuleux du Cameroun: Le 'Ngend'," Notes Africaines, no. 25 (January 1945): 6-7.

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