Neo Giant

Term coined by Ivan T. Sanderson for GIANT Hominids, including the Dzu-Teh, Bigfoot, Sisemite, and Mapinguari. Neo-giant is also the name used by Mark A. Hall to distinguish Bigfoot from the Shorter Hominid, the Taller Hominid, and the True Giant.

Physical description: Average height, 7 feet.

Tracks: Length, 10-20 inches. Width, 3-9


inches. Has an hourglass shape. Toes are roughly the same size. The ball behind the big toe is split. The toes are positioned obliquely on the foot, slanting from big toe to small toe. In the female, the toes are smaller and the heel is rounder.

Possible explanations: Ivan Sanderson considered a surviving Gigantopithecus the most likely candidate, while Hall thought a robust australo-pith such as Paranthropus more likely. These and other possible explanations are considered under the BIGFOOT entry.

Sources: Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (Philadelphia: Chilton, 1961), pp. 357-360, 369-372, 470-471, 476; Mark A. Hall, The Yett, Bigfoot and True Giants (Minneapolis, Minn.: Mark A. Hall, 1997), pp. 10-11, 31-59.

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