WlLDMAN of West, Central, and Southeast Asia. Etymology: Tajik (Persian), "wild man." Variant name: Nasua.

Physical description: Covered with fur. Face is bare. Wide fingernails. A winged variety is said to live on Ra'ij (perhaps Borneo or Java in Indonesia; see AHOOL).

Behavior: Upright gait. Has the capability of speech. Exhibits curiosity about humans and is said to abduct them for sexual purposes. The people of the Vakhan area of Tajikstan used to catch and eat them.

Distribution: Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula; the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan; possibly Borneo, Indonesia.

Sources: al-Marwazi, Sharafal Zaman Tahir Marvazi on China, the Turks and India, trans. Vladimir Minorsky (London: Royal Asiatic Society, 1942); Nizami 'Aruzi, Revised Translation of the Ch&har Maq&la (London: Cambridge University Press, 1921), p. 9; Dmitri Bayanov, In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman (Moscow: Crypto-Logos, 1996), p. 66.

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