Namibian Flying Snake

Flying Reptile of South Africa.

Variant name: Noya a thaba.

Physical description: Length, 9-25 feet. Yellow, black, or brown with light spots. Rumored to change colors like a chameleon. Large head, with a luminous or reflective spot on a caplike structure. May also have a pair of backward-curving horns. Inflated neck. Batlike wings. Wingspan, 30 feet.

Behavior: Hurls itself down hills, making a loud roaring sound. Said to be capable of sustained flight, not only gliding. Smells like tar or "burned brass."

Tracks: Serpentine, showing the marks of scales.

Distribution: Karas Region, Namibia; Drak-ensberg, South Africa.

Significant sightings: In January 1942, Michael Esterhuise was tending sheep near Keetman-


shoop, Namibia, when he saw a large snake launch itself down a rocky ledge into his flock. He encountered the snake on two later occasions.

Marcus Oarum ran into a snake gliding down the Drakensberg Mountains in 1985. Possible explanations:

(1) Unknown African species of Golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata), a colubrid snake of Southeast Asia that jumps from tree to tree by gliding.

(2) Alleged skulls of this flying snake found in 1988 turned out to be the pelvic bones of Ostriches (Struthio camelus).

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