Nalusa Falaya

Unknown Primate of North America.

Etymology: Choctaw (Muskogean), "long black being."

Variant names: Bohpoli ("thrower"), Devil Monkey, Hattak chito ("big man"), Kasheho-TAPALO, Kowi anakasha ("forest dweller"), Kwanokasha.

Physical description: Humanlike. Gray or brown hair. Small eyes. Long, pointed ears. Long arms.

Behavior: Slides on its stomach to approach humans. Stooped but speedy walk. Throws sticks and stones. Assists in the preparation of Native American medicines and takes children into the woods to teach them about herbs and medicines.

Habitat: Creek bottoms.

Distribution: Louisiana; Mississippi; McCur-tain County, Oklahoma.

Sources: Choctaw Legends and Stories, mikebouchweb/choctaw/legends2.htm; Len Green, Origins of the Choctaw People Retold from Old Legends, September 1980, mikebouchweb/choctaw/shakchi.htm.

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