Freshwater Monster of Argentina.

Etymology: Spanish, "Little Nahuel," after the lake.

Variant name: PATAGONIAN Plesiosaur. Physical description: Length, 15-20 feet. Rough skin. Head like a snake's. Neck, 9 feet long. Multiple humps.

Behavior: Surfaces only when the lake is calm. Makes distinctive breathing sounds.

Distribution: Lago Nahuel Huapi, Neuquen Province, Argentina.

Significant sightings: In 1910, George Garrett and his son had a brief look at an animal 15—20 feet long as they were sailing along a narrow inlet of Nahuel Huapi.

Sra. Rumboll saw the long neck of an animal leaving a wake on February 16, 1978.

Jessica Campbell and others observed an animal with multiple humps swimming in the lake on January 1, 1994. Two years later, Campbell saw the animal twice in one afternoon, once when it swam directly toward her as she sat on some rocks.

Sources: "Local Man Lays Claim to Having Caught Sight of Gigantic Plesiosaur," Toronto (Ont.) Globe, April 6, 1922; Hans Krieg, Als Zoologe in Steppen und Wäldern Patagoniens (Munich, Germany: J. F. Lehmann, 1940); Jean-Jacques Barloy, Les survivants de l'ombre (Paris: Arthaud, 1985); "Nahuelito: Creature Story Makes Waves," New Orleans (La.) Times-Picayune, March 28, 1989; Ulrich Magin, "Duck! It's a Plesiosaur," Fortean Times, no. 92 (November 1996): 28-30; John Kirk, In the Domain of Lake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter Books, 1998), pp. 250-253.

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