Little Peop Le of Australasia.

Etymology: Ghari (Austronesian) word.

Variant names: Kakamora (on San Cristobal), Moka, Mola, Mumu (on Maramasike).

Physical description: Height, 3-4 feet. Fair to dark skin. Long, straight head-hair down to the knees. Tiny teeth. Long beard. Long nails.

Behavior: Moves by jumping on its toes. Cry is a half wail, half bark. Disgusting odor. Said to be a cannibal. Doesn't know fire or tools.

Habitat: Caves.

Distribution: Laudari Mountains of Guadalcanal; Maramasike and San Cristobal in the Solomon Islands.

Significant sighting: Charles Elliot Fox was traveling with a party of natives on San Cristobal when one of them saw a Kakamora in a river they were about to ford. When they came to the river, Fox found a raw, half-eaten fish and a few small, wet footprints on a dry stone in the river.

Sources: Charles Elliot Fox, The Threshold of the Pacific (New York: A. A. Knopf, 1924); Stanley G. C. Knibbs, The Savage Solomons as They Were and Are (London: Seeley, Service, 1929), pp. 48-50, 259; "Is There an Undiscovered People in Central Guadalcanal?" Pacific Islands Monthly 20 (February 1950): 96; A. H. Wilson, "Guadalcanal's Undiscovered People Just Another Tall Tale," Pacific Islands

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