GiantHominid of Central Africa.

Etymology: Possibly Banda (Ubangi) word.

Physical description: Height, 7-8 feet. Weight, 800 pounds. Covered with dark hair. Black on the back. Long white hairs on the face.

Behavior: Bipedal. Aggressive nature.

Distribution: Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Significant sighting: The Italian explorer At-tilio Gatti heard of the Mulahu in the Congo in the 1930s and decided to look for it after it had attacked a man. According to one account, he discovered huge tracks and found black hairs in the hollow of a tree; according to another (perhaps embellished) account, he actually glimpsed the animal and obtained three long, white hairs from the son of the man who found them clenched in the teeth and under the fingernails of an Australian photographer killed by the Mu-lahu sometime during World War I.

Sources: George Witten, "He's After the Real King Kong: A Mulahu?" Family Circle, September 16, 1938, pp. 10-11, 18; Ellen Gatti, Exploring We Would Go (London: Robert Hale, 1950), pp. 282-283; Attilio Gatti, Sangoma (London: Frederick Muller, 1962), pp. 26-29, 34-48, 70-73, 97-99; Bernard Heuvelmans, Les bĂȘtes humaines d'Afrique (Paris: Plon, 1980), pp. 563-569.

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