Wildman of South America.

Variant names: Muan, Tigre mono.

Physical description: Covered with black hair. Thick head-hair. Coarse facial features. Muscular or stocky.

Behavior: Seeks lakes or rivers as a refuge when disturbed. Can hold its breath underwater for a considerable time. Enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco. Said to assault young women.

Habitat: Caverns.

Distribution: Huila and Tolima Departments, Colombia.

Sources: Juan de Castellanos, Elegías de varones ilustres de Indias [1588] (Bogotá: G. Rivas Moreno, 1997); Iván Salazar Duque, Mitos y mensajes (Medellín, Colombia: Grafoprint, 1990); "The Mohan," Cryptozoology Review 1, no. 2 (Autumn 1996): 8; Fabio Silva Vallejo, Mitas y leyendas colombianas (Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia: Panamericana Editorial, 2000).

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