Alternate name for the Yet of Central Asia.

Etymology: Sino-Tibetan word. Meaning and origin not established, though one derivation is mi ("man") + teh ("animal"). Another is that teh is the same as dred ("bear"). In modern Tibetan, te is a particle attached to a verb and means

"when," "after," "thus," "although," or forms a gerund ("-ing"). Mi ma yin or Mi min are Tibetan ghosts or nonhumans.

Variant names: Meh-teh, Metay, Mih-teh, Mi-tre.

Physical description: Height of an adolescent boy, 5 feet, but heavily built. Covered with shaggy, reddish-brown, black, or red hair, with longer head-hair. Wide mouth. Prognathous jaw. Thick neck. Conical head. Males have a long mane. Females have pendulous breasts. Short, broad feet, said to be turned back to front.

Behavior: Bipedal. Eats pikas and small rodents, young birds, snails, and plants. Has a loud, wailing, yelping call. Also chatters and whistles. Uses sticks occasionally. Shy unless provoked.

Habitat: Elevations of 15,000-18,000 feet.

Distribution: Himalaya Mountains, Nepal.

Sources: Swami Pranavananda, Kailas-Manasarovar (Calcutta, India: S. P. League, 1949), p. 69; Ralph Izzard, The Abominable Snowman Adventure (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1955), pp. 100-101; Bernard Heuvelmans, On the Track of Unknown Animals (New York: Hill and Wang, 1958), pp. 164-165; Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (Philadelphia: Chilton, 1961), pp. 267-268; Edmund Hillary and Desmond Doig, High in the Thin Cold Air (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1962), pp. 31, 118.

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