GiantHominid of far eastern Siberia.

Etymology: Lamut (Tungusic), "broad-shoulders."

PP'hysical description: Height, 7 feet. Small head. No visible neck. Wide shoulders. Robust arms and legs.

Behavior: Active in summer. Scavenges game killed by hunters. Uses its hands to tear off and eat raw meat.

Distribution: Chukotskiy Peninsula, eastern Siberia, Russia.

Significant sighting: Victor Chebotarev and two other hunters saw a large, hairy, humanlike creature near the Amguema River in the Chukotskiy Region in August 1970.

Sources: Alexandra Bourtseva, "Zolotoi sled na Chukotke," Tekhnika Molodezhi, 1978, no. 6, pp. 52-53; Dmitri Bayanov, In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman (Moscow: CryptoLogos, 1996), pp. 231-232.

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