Mbielu MbieluMbielu

Unknown DlNOSAUR-like animal of Central Africa.

Etymology: Possibly Lingala (Bantu).

P^hysical description: Has large "planks" growing out of its back, which is covered with green, algal growth.

Behavior: Almost always seen in water with its back protruding. Active in the late afternoon.

Distribution: Likouala River, Republic of the Congo.

Significant sightings: A Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu was seen near Epena at a place called Ikekesse. Green vegetable growth was visible on its back as it came out of the water.

Odette Gesonget, a woman of Bouanila, Republic of the Congo, selected a picture of a Stegosaurus from books provided by Roy Mackal in 1980 as an animal that her parents had told her about.

P-'ossible explanation: A surviving stegosaur, a group of dinosaurs best known from the Late Jurassic, 150 million years ago, suggested by Roy Mackal. An African fossil genus, the 20-foot Kentrosaurus, has been found in abundance in the Tendaguru beds of Tanzania and had six pairs of erect plates along the neck and upper back, followed by three pairs of flat spines and five pairs of large spines on the tail.

Source: Roy P. Mackal, A Living Dinosaur? In Search ofMokele-Mbembe (Leiden, the Netherlands: E. J. Brill, 1987), pp. 84, 139, 250-254.

mbielu-mbielu-mbielu 323

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