Small Hom ¡NID of East Africa.

Etymology: After the Mau Escarpment, Kenya.

Physical description: Height, about 4 feet. Covered in reddish or black hair. White skin. Long head-hair.

Behavior: Upright gait. Said to steal cattle. Uses caves for shelter. Can use stones as weapons. Habitat: Highlands and mountains. Distribution: The Mau Escarpment, Mount Longonot, and the highlands east of Embu in Kenya.

Significant sighting: In the 1920s, S. V. Cook heard stories of little red men in the Kwa Ngombe Hills, Kenya. Possible explanations:

(1) An undiscovered population of forest Pygmies.

(2) Surviving australopith (see Kakundakari ), possibly corresponding to one of the Kenyan cryptids, designated as hominid X4, described by Jacqueline Roumeguère-Eberhardt in 1990. Sources: S. V. Cook, "The Leprechauns of

Kwa Ngombe," Journal ofthe East Afiica and Uganda Natural History Society, no. 20 (November 1924): 24; Roger Courtney, A Greenhorn in Africa (London: H. Jenkins, 1940), pp. 37-49; Jacqueline Roumeguère-Eberhardt, Les hominidés non-identifiés des forêts d'Afrique: Dossier X (Paris: Robert Laffont, 1990).

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