Matah Kagmi

A Native American name for BlGFOOTin California.

Etymology: Klamath-Modoc (Penutian) word. The word bears a curious resemblance to MeTOH-Kangmi, a Tibetan name for the Yet.

Physical description: Height, 8-10 feet. Covered in coarse hair. Brown eyes.

Behavior: Call is a drawn-out "agooumm." Musky odor. Knows how to treat snakebites. Trades with the Indians upon occasion.

Distribution: Mount Shasta, California.

Significant sighting: Tawani Wakawa's grand father was helped by three Matah Kagmi when he was bitten by a rattlesnake near Mount Shasta, California, around 1900.

Source: Tawani Wakawa, "Tawani Wakawa Tells of the Sasquatch," Many Smokes 3 (Fall 1968): 8-10.

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