Wildman of South America.

Etymology: ArikapĂș (Macro-Ge) word.

maricoxi 319

Variant name: Morocoxo (Rikbaktsa/Macro-Ge).

Physical description: Covered with hair. Apelike. Sloping forehead. Heavy browridge. Long arms.

Behavior: Makes grunting noises. Bad odor. Uses bow-and-arrow weapons. Lives in villages. Uses a horn when hunting.

Distribution: Serra dos Parecis, Mato Grosso State, Brazil.

Significant sighting: On an expedition to the area in 1914, Percy H. Fawcett encountered two hairy people who threatened him with bows and arrows and then ran away. Later, he came across a village in a clearing where they lived and was again approached menacingly. Fawcett fired a pistol and managed to retreat.

Sources: Percy H. Fawcett, Exploration Fawcett (London: Hutchinson, 1953), pp. 200-202; Ivan T. Sanderson, "Hairy Primitives or Relic Submen in South America," Genus 18 (1962): 60-74; Fritz Tolksdorf and Christian Darby, "Great White Chief of the Cannibals," Argosy, July 1971, p. 42.

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