Freshwater Monster of Manitoba, Canada.

Etymology: Named by Tom Locke in 1960, in imitation of Ogopogo. Variant name: Manny.

Physical description: Serpentine. Length, 10-40 feet. Brownish-black upper body. At least one hump. Flat, diamond-shaped head. Behavior: Bellows like a train whistle. Distribution: Lake Manitoba, Manitoba. The animal's name is also used as a synonym for WinniPOGO in other Manitoban lakes.

Significant sightings: Louis Betecher and Eddie Nipanik saw a serpentine animal in the lake in 1957.

On August 10, 1960, government land inspector Tom Locke and sixteen other witnesses saw three creatures swimming offshore near Manipogo Beach. They looked like huge, dark-brown snakes. Many other sightings were reported that summer. Zoologist James A.

McLeod led an expedition to Lake Manitoba later in the year and interviewed many residents.

Richard Vincent and John Konefall saw a "large black snake or eel" off Meadow Portage on August 12, 1962. Vincent took three photos, one of which shows an elongated, snakelike object with a hump. Unfortunately, some inconsistencies have undermined the credibility of this case.

In the summer of 1987, Allen McLean and his family were boating in Portage Bay when they saw a large, black object swimming toward them.

Sources: Winnipeg Free Press, August 5, 1961, and August 15, 1962; Chris Rutkowski, Unnatural History: True Manitoba Mysteries (Winnipeg, Canada: Chameleon, 1993), pp. 137-147.

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