Mala Gilage

Smail Hominid of Central Africa.

Etymology: Unknown origin; said to mean "tailed men."

Physical description: Short. Hairy. Reddish skin. Long head-hair. Short arms. Natural tail.

Behavior: Tends black camels the size of donkeys.

Distribution: Southern Chad. Significant sighting: The comte d'Escayrac de Laut ur e hear d of small, hairy, r eddish men wit h tails south of the Chari River in Chad.

P-'ossible explanations:

(1) An undiscover ed gr oup of shor t -st at ur ed mala-gilage 309

hunt er -gat her er s r elat ed to t he Pygmy Mbenga people of Gabon and Camer oon. (2) Legends of men wit h t ails might have ar isen fr om t he pr act ice of wear ing loinclot hs made of animal pelt s wit h t he t ail st ill at t ached or t ail-like ornament s made of leather. The Azande of Sudan were once t hought t ailed because t hey wound monkey skins ar ound t heir waist s. Source: Stanislas, comte d'Escayrac de Lauture, Mémoire sur le Sudan (Paris: A. Bertrand, 1855-1856), pp. 50-53.

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