Wildm an of European Russia and Central Asia. Variant name: Leshi.

Physical description: Height, 4 feet 6 inches. Dark skin. Covered with hair.

Distribution: From the Vologda Region of European Russia east to the Buryat Republic, Russia.

Significant sightings: Seen once by psycholo gist K. K. Platonov east of Lake Baikal. Other sightings have taken place in the Saratov Region in 1989 and near Kargopol' in the Arkhangelsk Region in 1992.

Physician V. V. Shatalov was attending to a patient one winter in a remote part of the Vologda Region, Russia, when he saw a naked, manlike creature in a courtyard. He observed that its legs were thin, but it had well-developed humeral muscles. It ran away in the snow and hid in an abandoned dwelling.

Sources: Konstantin K. Platonov, Psikhologiia religii (Moscow: Izd-vo Polit. Lit-ry, 1967); Paul Stonehill, "Russia's Unusual Bigfoot," Fate 48 (February 1995): 78; Bigfoot Co-op, no. 20, June 1999.

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