Le du Levant Wildcat

Mystery CATof Western Europe.

Variant name: Lynx de la paille (French, "haysta ck l ynx ").

Scientific name: Felis silvestris levantina, given in 1986 by Bernard Heuvel mans.

Physical description: Wildcat like the other Mediterranean species, though somewhat larger. Weight, 22 pounds or greater.

Distribution: Ile du Levant and Iles d'Hyères, in southern France.

Significant sighting: Several times in 1958, Bernard Heuvel mans observed one attacking feral domestic cats.

Possible explanation: Large subspecies of African wildcat (Felis silvestris libyca), the probable ancestor of the domestic cat.

Source: Bernard Heuvel mans, "Annotated Checkl ist of Apparentl y Unknown Animal s with Which Cryptozool ogy Is Concerned," Cryptozoology 5 (1986): 1-26.

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