Lake Worth Monster

Hairy Biped of nort h Texas.

Variant names: Goatman, Hairy horror.

Physical description: A cross between a goat and a man. Height, 7 feet. Weight, 250-300 pounds. Covered wit h bot h scal es and whit ish-gray hair.

Behavior: Bipedal. An agile swimmer. Growls or makes a pit iful "yeeepe" or "yuuuu" cry. Has a foul odor. Said to attack cars. Kills sheep by breaking t heir necks.

Tracks: Lengt h, 16 inches. Widt h, 8 inches at t he t oes.

Distribution: Lake Worth, east of Fort Wort h, Texas.

Significant sightings: John Reichart, his wife, and two other couples were parked around Lake Worth on t he nort h side of Fort Wort h just after midnight on July 10, 1969, when a monst er jumped out of t he t rees ont o t he Reichart s' car. Reichart drove away quickly after the creature tried to grab his wife. Police later found an 18-inch scrat ch in t he side of t he car. Sightings by more than 100 other people t urned up t hroughout t he summer and fal l, unt il earl y November.

On November 7, 1969, Charles Buchanan was sl eeping in t he bed of his pickup t ruck on t he shore of Lake Wort h when he awoke t o see a large humanoid looking down at him. Aft er it pul l ed him from t he t ruck whil e he was st il l in his sleeping bag, he shoved a bag of leftover chicken into its face. It took the bag in its mouth, jumped into the water, and swam toward Greer Island.

Possible explanation: Hoax and exaggeration have undoubtedly contributed to these reports. Sal l ie Ann Cl arke admit s t hat much of her book on t he subject was writ t en as fict ion.

Sources: Jim Marrs, "Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth," Fort Worth (Tex.) Star-Telegram, July 10, 1969, p. 2A; Jim Marrs, "Police, Residents Observe but Can't Identify 'Monster,'" Fort Worth (Tex.) Star-Telegram, July 11, 1969, p. 1A; Sallie Ann Clarke, The Lake Worth Monster (Fort Worth, Tex.: Sallie Ann Clarke, 1969); Mark Chorvinsky, "The Lake Worth Monster," Fate 45 (October 1992): 31-35; Peni R. Griffin (letter), Strange Magazine, no. 15 (Spring 1995): 3.

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