Lake Sentani Shark

Unknown Fish of Australasia.

Distribution: Lake Sentani, Irian Jaya, Indonesia .

Significant sighting: During World War II, George Agogino dropped a grenade int o t he lake in order to kil l some fishes for his army unit t o eat. A 12-foot shark was brought to t he surface, and he was abl e to sket ch it before it sank. Possible explanations:

(1) The sharklike Largetooth sawfish (Pristis microdon), normally a marine or riverine species, is found in t his l ake. It can grow t o a lengt h of 19 feet. If t he grenade had t orn off it s bl a del ike snout, Agogino might have mist aken it for a shark.

(2) The Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas), which grows t o 11 feet , has been report ed from Lake Jamoer in Irian Jaya.

Source: Bernard Heuvelmans, "Annotated Checkl ist of Apparent ly Unknown Animal s wit h Which Crypt ozool ogy Is Concerned," Cryptozoology 5 (1986): 1, 12.

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