La La 289

Lagarfljotsormurinn 289 Lake Sentani Shark 289 Lake Titicaca Seal 290 Lake Worth Monster 290 Laoco├Ân Serpent 290 Lascaux Unicorn 291 Lau 291

Le Guat's Giant 292 Least Hominid 293 Lechy 293 Lenapizha 293 Lenghee 293

Leviathan 293 Lindorm 294 Lipata 295 Little People 295 Lizard Man 296 LIZARDS (Unknown) 297 Lizzie 298

Llamhigyn y Dwr 299 Longneck 299 Loo Poo Oi'yes 300 Lophenteropneust 300 Lord of the Deep 300 Lukwata 302 Lummis's Pichu-Cuate 302 Lusca 303

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