Mystery animal of East Africa, similar to the Nandi Bear.

Etymology: Pokomo (Bantu) word.

Physical description: Looks like a large baboon. Length, 6 feet. Shoulder height, 3 feet 6 inches. Reddish or yellow fur. Long nose. Large canines. Thick mane. Thick forelegs. Long claws. Tail is 18 inches long, 4 inches wide.

Behavior: Nocturnal. Fierce. Walks on four legs, occasionally on two. Cannot climb trees. Raids sheep pens. Attacks humans on sight. Tracks: Five-toed, with one deep claw mark. Distribution: Lower and Middle Tana River, Kenya.

Possible explanation: Surviving Giant baboon (Theropithecus oswaldi), a fossil baboon that lived in Kenya 650,000 years ago. The male was roughly the size of a female gorilla and weighed 250 pounds.

Sources: C. W. Hobley, "Unidentified Beasts in East Africa," Journal of the East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society, no. 7 (1913): 85-86; Charles R. S. Pitman, A Game Warden among His Charges (London: Nisbet, 1931), pp. 287-302.

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