Unknown Prim ATE of Madagascar.

Etymology: Malagasy (Austronesian) word. Physical description: Height, 4-5 feet. Weight, about 55 pounds. Dark coat. White spots above and below the face. Face is round and very humanlike.

Behavior: Ground-dwelling, not arboreal. Solitary. Runs away by taking short leaps along the ground. Call is a long, single "whoo." Habitat: Deciduous forest. Distribution: Southwestern Madagascar. Significant sighting: Jean Noelson Pascou saw a Kidoky in the forest in 1952.

Possible explanation: Surviving giant lemur, possibly Archeolemur or Hadropithecus. These lemurs had short limbs, hands, and feet and were powerfully built. They probably represented the same ecological niche in Madagascar as Africa's baboons. Weight was 30-55 pounds. Hadropithecus primarily ate grasses and seeds, while Archeolemur ate tough fruits and seeds. Source: David A. Burney and Ramilisonina, kidoky 273

"The Kilopilopitsofy, Kidoky, and Bokyboky: Accounts of Strange Animals from Belo-sur-Mer, Madagascar, and the Megafaunal 'Extinction Window,'" American Anthropologist 100 (1998): 957-966.

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