Khn Gress

Wildman of Central Asia.

Etymology: Mongolian (Altaic), "man-beast." Variant names: Hün garees, Hün göröös, Hün har göröös, Khün har görüessü ("black man-beast"), Kümün görügesü, Zerleg khün.

Distribution: Mongolia; Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

Significant sighting: A wildman skin preserved in a Mongolian temple proved to be a bear's.

Sources: Nikolai M. Przheval'skii, Mongolia, the Tangut Country, and the Solitudes of Northern Tibet (London: S. Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, 1876), pp. 249-250; Emanuel VlCek, "Old Literary Evidence for the Existence of the 'Snow Man' in Tibet and Mongolia," Man 59 (1959): 133-134; Bernard Heuvelmans and Boris F. Porshnev, L'homme de Neanderthal est toujours vivant (Paris: Plon, 1974), pp. 43, 52.

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