Wildm an of West Asia.

Etymology: Adygey and Kabardian (Circassian), "mountain man."

Physical description: Height, 5 feet. Covered with brownish hair. Protruding face.

Behavior: Upright gait. Not aggressive but might attack a lone hunter. Agile. Occasionally raids crops in villages. Said to engage in bartering with humans and use a crude language.

Tracks: Humanlike but wider than a man's.

Habitat: Forests.

Distribution: Caucasus Mountains in the Adygey and Kabardin-Balkar Republics, Russia.

Source: John Colarusso, "Ethnographic Information on a Wild Man of the Caucasus," in Marjorie Halpin and Michael M. Ames, eds., Manlike Monsters on Trial (Vancouver, Canada: University of British Columbia Press, 1980), pp. 255-264.

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