Small Hom ¡MID of West Africa. Variant name: Bétsan.

Physical description: Height, 3-4 feet. Long beard.

Behavior: Excellent singer. Good marksman. Hunts apes, baboons, wild pig, antelopes, and elephants.

Distribution: Sierra Leone; the Fouta Djallon Mountains, Guinea.

Significant sightings: Gaspard Mollien reported a race of small people with good singing voices in the village of Faran in the interior of Guinea in 1818.

S. W. Kolle's informant, a chief in Sierra Leone named Yon, spoke of two kinds of short-statured groups in the interior, the Kenkob and the Bétsan.

Possible explanation: An undiscovered group of short-statured hunter-gatherers possibly re lated to the Mbenga Pygmies of Gabon and Cameroon.

Sources: Gaspard Mollien, Voyage dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique aux sources du Sénégal et de la Gambie, fait en 1818 (Paris: Mme. Ve Courcier, 1820), vol. 2, p. 210; Sigismund Wilhelm Kolle, Polyglotta Africana (London: Church Missionary House, 1854), p. 12.

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