GiantHominid of Southeast Asia.

Etymology: Bikol and Tagalog (Austronesian) word derived from the Spanish kafre ("Moor").

Variant name: Xue-ren.

Physical description: Height, 8 feet or more. Covered with hair. Dark, rough skin. Large eyes; some accounts say there is only one. Big ears. Flat nose. Big mouth. Thick lips. Humanlike face, hands, and feet.

Behavior: Nocturnal. Active during new moons or after rainfall. Upright gait. Has a pungent odor. Omnivorous but fond of mangoes, pineapples, tamarind fruit, coconuts, papayas, radishes, fishes, land crabs, and rats. Said to leave fresh fruit or fish in exchange for cooked rice left out for it. Jumps out of trees and scares people. Said to smoke cigars and carry off women.

Tracks: Twice the length and breadth of a human's, with broader toes.

Habitat: Caves.

Distribution: The area around Mount Bana-hao, Luzon, Philippines; Samar, Philippines.

Significant sightings: A one-eyed Kapre named Agyo was said to have fought against the first Spanish conquistadors.

Human skulls with a single eye socket were said to have been discovered in caves on the island of Bohol.

Possible explanation: A myth based on the fear of black slaves brought to the Philippines during Spanish colonial times.

Sources: Karl Shuker, "Keeping Up with the Kapre," Fortean Times, no. 122 (May 1999): 18-19; Bobbie Short, "The Kapre of the Philippines," October 2001, http://www.n2. net/prey/bigfoot/creatures/kapre.htm; "Keeping an Eye on Cyclops," Fortean Times, no 159 (July 2002): 13.

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