Jungli Admi

Multipurpose name for the Yeti , Hindu ascetics, or any group of people living in the mountains of Central Asia.

Etymology: From the Urdu (Indo-Aryan) jan-gli ("wild") + admi ("man").

Behavior: Said to use a bow and arrow. Distribution: Nepal; Bhutan; Sikkim Province, northern India.

Significant sighting: In May 1940, C. Reginald Cooke and his wife, Margaret, were on the Sikkim-Nepal border at an altitude of 14,000 feet when they found and took photographs of tracks in the ground made by a heavy creature with an opposed toe. The Sherpa guides said they were made by Jungli-admi.

Sources: Donald Macintyre, Hindu-Koh: Wanderings and Wild Sport on and beyond the Himalayas (Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1889), pp. 74-75; H. J. Elwes, "On the Possible Existence of a Large Ape, Unknown to Science, in Sikkim," Proceedings of the Zoological Society ofLondon, 1915, p. 294; C. Reginald Cooke, "Yeti Country," Mankind Quarterly 15, no. 3 (1975): 178-192; C. Reginald Cooke, Dust and Snow: Haifa Lifetime in India (Saffron Waldon, England: C. Reginald Cooke, 1988).

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