Little Peop IE of Australia, sometimes confused with the Yowie.

Etymology: After Jingera Mountain region, New South Wales.

Variant names: Janjurrie, Jingera, Jongari.

Physical description: Covered with 2-inch, black hair. Height, 3 feet. A larger variety may exist. Long, pointed muzzle.

Behavior: Bipedal but ambles.

Tracks: Bearlike.

Distribution: New South Wales; Queensland.

Significant sightings: In a study of Aboriginal dialects in Cooma, New South Wales, in 1904, Jingara was said to refer to a mountain haunted by a hairy man.

In December 1999, Allan H. Bucholz saw a bearlike creature as he was driving his tractor near Gayndah, Queensland. It had a long snout like a wallaby, but it lacked a long tail. Two days later, his sister, Shirley Humphries, saw a similar animal ambling across a sandbank by a river. Sam Hill, a local man who was part Aborigine, declared that it was a Jongari.

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