Jenny Haniver

Fabricat ed MERBEING.

Etymology: Possibly aft er t he cit ies where t hey were most oft en manufact ured—Genoa (Jenny, in naut ical slang) and Ant werp (Anvers, in

French)—or from t he French jeune fille d'Anvers ("young girl of Antwerp").

Variant names: Diable de mer (French), Gara-diavolo (in Puert o Rico), Sea Monk.

Physical description: Shriveled sea creat ure wit h a vaguely humanoid, fish-t ailed appearance.

Present status: St ill found in curio shops.

Possible explanation: Dried-out and varnished ray, skat e, or guit arfish (Suborder Rajoidei) wit h it s fins cut t o resemble wings and arms, it s neck constricted, its nostrils doctored to look like eyes, it s claspers shaped as hind legs, and t he t ail twist ed capriciously. Manufact ured as a seaside curiosit y since t he sixt eent h cent ury.

Sources: Gilbert P. Whit ley, "Jenny Hanivers," Australian Museum Magazine 3 (1928): 262-264; E. W. Gudger, "Jenny Hanivers, Dragons, and Basilisks in t he Old Nat ural Hist ory Books and in Modern Times," Scientific Monthly 38 (1934): 511-523; Willy Ley, The Lungfish, the Dodo, and the Unicorn (New York: Viking, 1948), chap. 4; Richard Ellis, Monsters ofthe Sea (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), pp. 82-85; Rosamond Purcell, Special Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters (San Francisco, Calif.: Chronicle Books, 1997), pp. 81-88.

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