Alleged small BlGFOOT capt ured in west ern Canada.

Physical description: Humanlike. Height, 4 feet 7 inches. Weight, 127 pounds. Covered in glossy hair 1 inch in lengt h. Long, black head-hair. Hands and feet are hairless. Forearms are longer t han a human's.

Behavior: Makes a half-bark, half-growl noise. Eat s berries and milk.

Distribution: Yale, Brit ish Columbia.

Significant sighting: On June 30, 1884, trainmen of the British Columbia Express line 20 miles nort h of Yale saw a wildman lying close t o t he t racks. They blew t he whist le and applied the brake, and the creature jumped up and climbed a st eep bluff. Conduct or C. J. Craig and ot hers gave chase and aft er five minut es t rapped it on a ledge. Craig t hrew a rock at it and knocked it out, allowing them t o haul it back down wit h a rope. Aft er reaching Yale, t he wildman, who m t hey st art ed calling Jacko , was kept for a few days by George Tilbury. A report that Jacko had been sent to the jail at New West minst er t urned out to be false.

Present status: Grover Krant z has suggest ed t hat Jacko was acquired by P. T. Barnum and exhibited as "Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy" in his circus, beginning in 1884. However, it is fairly well est ablished t hat Jo-Jo was a Russian man, Fedor (or Theodor) Jeft ichew, born in 1868 and afflict ed wit h hypert richosis, which caused him t o have long, silky facial hair.

Possible explanation: Probable hoax, based on lat er newspaper account s.

Sources: "What Is It ? A St range Creat ure Capt ured above Yale," Victoria (B.C.) Daily Colonist, July 4, 1884; Rex, "The 'What Is It,'" New Westminster (B.C.) Mainland Guardian,

July 9, 1884; "The Wild Man," New Westminster British Columbian, July 11, 1884; Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (Philadelphia: Chilt on, 1961), pp. 23-29; John Green and Sabina W. Sanderson, "Alas, Poor Jacko," Pursuit, no. 29 (January 1975): 18-19; Grover S. Krant z, Big FootPrints (Boulder, Colo.: Johnson, 1992), pp. 202-204.

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