Mystery Dog of Mexico.

Etymology: Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan), "hunchback dog," from itzcuintli ("dog") + potzotli ("hunchback").

PP'hysicaldescription: Size of a small dog. Black, brown, and white spots. Small, wolflike head. Short neck. Lumpy muzzl e. Smal l, hanging ears. Fatty hump extends the length of its back. Forelegs shorter than the hind legs.

Distribution: Michoacán State, Mexico. Significant sighting: Frances Calderón de la Barca saw a dead specimen hanging from a hook near the door of an inn in the Guajimal co Val l ey.

Sources: Francesco Saverio Cl avigero, Historia antigua de México [1780] (Mexico City: Editorial Porrúa, 1945); Frances Calderón de la Barca, Life in Mexico, during a Residence of Two Years in That Country (London: Chapman and Hall, 1843).

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