Freshwater Monster of Japan.

Physical description: Length, 16-90 feet. Black, possibly striped. Two humps.

Distribution: Lake Ikeda, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

A model oflSSIE, the lake monster of Lake Ikeda, Japan. (Shin-ichiro Namiki/Fortean Picture Library)

issie 251

Significant sightings: On December 16, 1978, Toshiaki Matsubara saw a strange whirlpool in Lake Ikeda and took a series of photos of an animal with humps.

A nine-minute video of a long, dark object with two humps was taken January 4, 1991, by Hideaki Tomiyasu. The object submerged when a motorboat passed.

Sources: Straits Times (Singapore), October 2, 1978; Simon Welfare and John Fairley, Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (London: Collins, 1980), pp. 107-108; Kenji Chono, "Issie of Japan's Lake Ikeda," Elsewhen 2, no. 4 (1991): 9; "Long, Dark and Humpsome," Fortean Times, no. 61 (February-March 1992): 13; Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Roadside Japan (Tokyo: Aspect, 1997), pp. 256-257.

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