Dinosaur-like animal of Central Africa, similar to the MoKELE-MbEMBE.

irizima 249

Etymology: Unknown, "the thing that may not be spoken of."

Physical description: Larger than a hippopotamus. Black. Long neck. Said to have rhinolike horns.

Behavior: Produces 3-foot-high waves in the water with its breathing.

Habitat: Swamps.

Distribution: Lake Edward, in both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

Possible explanation: A waterspout, suggested by E. A. Tempi e-Perkins.

Sources: Fulahn [William Hichens], "On the Trail of the Brontosaurus: Encounters with Africa's Mystery Animals," Chambers's Journal, ser. 7, 17 (1927): 692-695; Roger Courtney, Africa Calling (London: Harrap, 1935), p. 200; Eric Arnol d Templ e-Perkins, Kingdom of the Elephant (London: Andrew Melrose, 1955), pp.232-233.

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