Gunning's golden mole. Amblysomusgunningi. A narrow-headed mole with shiny, golden-brown fur discovered in the Woodbush Forest Reserve, Northern Province, South Africa, in 1908. Also found in the nearby New Agatha Forest Reserve in 1974.

Hero shrew. Scutisorex somereni. First found in Uganda in 1910 and later in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this large (6-inch-long), gray shrew has a spine that can bear the full weight of a 160-pound man standing on it. Currently, there is no satisfactory ecological, behavioral, or morphological explanation for such a strengthened vertebral column. Has a trotting rather than a crawling gait. Used by the Mangbetu people as a talisman to ensure bravery and invulnerability.

Nimba otter shrew. Micropotamogale lamottei. Aquatic shrew with a ratlike tail first described in 1954 after its discovery near Mount Nimba, which overlaps the borders of Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, and Guinea.

Ruwenzori otter shrew. Micropotamogale ruwenzorii. A dark-brown aquatic shrew discovered in 1953 in the Ruwenzori Mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Somali golden mole. Chlorotalpa tytonis. Dark mole with a rounded skull and forty teeth, known from a single specimen collected in Giohar, Somalia, in 1968.

Van Zyl's golden mole. Cryptochloris zyli. Small mole with a silvery sheen, known from one location near Lambert's Bay, Western Cape Province, South Africa, where it was found in 1938.

Visagie's golden mole. Chrysochloris visagiei. Small, metallic-colored mole, known from a single specimen collected at Gouna, Western Cape Province, South Africa, in 1950. Some think this may be an aberrant Cape golden mole (C. asiatica).

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